Filicori Zecchini tea


Tea culture has a millennial history of smells, rituals and flavors. We have chosen to offer you history, traditions and the best types of tea leaves flavored with fruits, flowers and herbs

Filicori Zecchini tea

When choosing teas, Filicori Zecchini sought out the best plantations from around the world, focusing on small producers located in the farthest reaches of the world

For your enjoyment, the best teas have been collected from major growing countries: China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka and India

Camomile & Honey

Camomile & Honey – the comforting caress of chamomile, the natural sweetness of honey. It is an ideal thirst quencher with a calming effect

Package: 20 tea bags, 50 tea pyramids

Green Mint

Green Mint – a blend of Chinese green tea with selected natural dried peppermint leaves. A smooth and refreshing beverage, a mysterious scent of middle east

Package: 20 tea bags, 50 tea pyramids

Earl Grey Blue

Earl Grey Blue – a smooth blend of the finest Ceylon black tea with corn flowers, delicately scented with oil of bergamot

Package: 20 tea bags, 50 tea pyramids

Dark Red Rooibos

Dark Red is an infusion capable of seducing all the senses with its ruby red color and its exotic scent. The pleasantly tart taste of orange and hibiscus flowers is perfectly balanced by the natural sweetness of Rooibos. The bouquet is dominated by the floral and woody notes of red tea and the acidic hints of hibiscus

Package: 20 tea bags, 50 tea pyramids

Pure Breakfast

Pure Breakfast – flavorful, intense, elegant, the classic taste of a British tradition. An extraordinary black tea with a strong body and a sharp, slightly tannic taste

Package: 20 tea bags, 50 tea pyramids

Fall Infusion

Fall Infusion is an infusion with a classic character and a moderately strong taste. The intense fragrance of hibiscus and the marked scent of cinnamon envelop the acidulous sweetness of the apple in pieces. The sparkling and pleasantly sour notes of orange in pieces complete the aroma of this delicious autumn infusion

Package: 20 tea bags, 50 tea pyramids

Winter Infusion

Winter Infusion is a full-flavored and pleasantly spiced herbal tea. The bouquet is dominated by the acidic notes of hibiscus flowers, orange and rosehip berries, enriched by the sweet nuances of raspberry pieces and the enveloping scent of cinnamon

Pakuotė: 20 arbatžolių maišelių, 1 arbatžolių piramidė

Spring Infusion

Spring Infusion marries the herbaceous and velvety flavor of green tea with the thousand scents of spring: the sweet and sour taste of chopped apples, the citrus notes of lemongrass, the fresh aroma of orange peel and the extraordinary fragrance of chamomile flowers , jasmine, calendula and sunflower

Package: 20 tea bags, 50 tea pyramids

Summer Infusion

Summer Infusion is an infusion with a fresh and velvety flavor. The aroma is dominated by the sweetness of strawberries and peaches and the slight acidity of apples and apricots in pieces. To the fruity descriptors are added the floral notes of the precious marigold and hibiscus petals, enriched by the spicy nuances of safflower

Package: 20 tea bags, 50 tea pyramids

Lemon & Lime

Lemon & Lime the exotic freshness of green tea meets the mediterranean fragrance of lemons. Perfect for a sweet, relaxing break in a hot spring or summer afternoon

Package: 50 tea pyramids

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